Refund Policy

We understand that on occasion, circumstances occur after registration that make participation in LHCA programs impossible. We do not wish to cause financial hardship for our members and residents, so we do allow conditional refunds on most LHCA programs.

  • Memberships and administrative costs (such as late fees) will not be refunded.

General Programming

  1. Registration fees will be refunded in the case of program cancellation. This will be done on a pro-rated basis.
    E.G. If a 10 week class gets canceled due to unforeseen circumstances after the sixth week, 40% of the fee will be refunded. If it is canceled before the start of classes, 100% will be refunded, etc.    
  2. Registration fees may be refunded, before a program begins, to individuals unable to participate. An administration fee of $10 may apply.
  3. Refunds will not be granted after the start of a program except in the case of program cancellation. See #1 above.

Youth Basketball and Soccer

  • Refunds will be available before LHCA submits teams to Saskatoon Minor Basketball Association or Saskatoon Youth Soccer. A $10 administration fee may apply.
    LHCA makes a financial commitment to SMBA and SYS when we submit teams, so it is problematic for us when withdrawals occur after that point. We appreciate your understanding.