Help Wanted: School Liaisons for Lawson and St. George

UPDATE: We now have a liaison for Lawson School. Thanks Tyler! We are still looking for a liaison for St. George School.

The Lawson Heights Community Association is looking for School Liaisons.  We need a volunteer from both Lawson School and St. George School . If you have children in either school then you are eligible to be that school’s liaison.  It’s a simple enough job but it’s important work because our partnerships with our schools are essential for our programming.

Please email us ( or send us a message on Facebook to inquire or volunteer.

School Liaison (Lawson or St. George)we-need-you-web

Share information between the community association and the school.


  • Inform school principal/parent council about LHCA news and activities
  • Inform LHCA about school news

Time Commitment: medium-light

  • attend monthly LHCA Board meetings
  • attend monthly school parent council meetings
  • assist at LHCA events as able


  • communication
  • collaboration