Your 2016-17 Board of Directors

Congratulations to all those elected to positions on the 2016-17 Board of Directors for the community association.  We are still looking for some volunteers so please don’t hesitate to contact us with any questions you have, or expressions of interest!

President – Richard Medernach

Past President – Michelle Rezansoff

Vice-President – VACANT

Secretary – Shannon Forester

Director of Finance – Eva Gleadow

Director of Recreation & Cultural Activities (Adult) – Vernon Boldick

Director of Recreation & Cultural Activities (Youth) – VACANT

Membership Director – Eva Gleadow

Social Events DirectorLindsey Gerwing

Web & Social Media Director – Tyler Rody

Rink Director – Brian Pryhitka

Newsletter Director – Tanya Spelay

Soccer Coordinator – Monique Marshall

Basketball Coordinator – Joel Donauer

St. George School Liaison – Lindsey Gerwing

Lawson School Liaison – Tyler Rody

Director(s) at Large – Kandace Dewey

City of Saskatoon Consultant – Leanne Schellenberg