New Board of Directors elected for LHCA

Congratulations and thanks go out to all the volunteers serving on the Lawson Heights Community Association Board of Directors.

We still have room for more volunteers to coordinate facility rentals and to liaise with St. George School, Marion Graham Collegiate, and Bishop James Mahoney High School.

2020-21 Board of Directors:

President – Richard Medernach

Vice-President – Tyler Rody

Secretary – Leanne Schinkel

Treasurer – Caitlyn Coulter

Program Coordinator  – Sudatta Nag

Membership Coordinator – Graham Fairhurst

Social Events DirectorLindsey Gerwing

Web & Social Media Director – Eva Gleadow

Rink Director – Brian Pryhitka

Newsletter Director – Clare Tries

Soccer Coordinator – Tanya Spelay

Basketball Coordinator – Joel Donauer

Community Garden Liaison – Sheena Robinson

Lawson School Liaison –  Sheena Robinson

Director at Large – Alexis Bourassa

Ex Officio: City of Saskatoon Consultant – Heidi  Estrada